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Frankie Burget has over 20 years of experience treating pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction.  She has taken many thousands of hours of classes in many different healing techniques and modalities.

An individual treatment plan is tailored to the patient's specific needs using an integrative approach. An assessment is made of the patient's condition, and the most effective methods are chosen to fit the patient's needs and lifestyle.

Treatment is provided one on one in a private treatment room beginning with the first visit.  Frankie uses her hands to provide specific very gentle stretches and mobilization to eliminate abnormal tension in and around the body's connective tissues, muscles, and organs.  The goal is to eliminate pain and restore movement and function to the body. Frankie will suggest gentle exercises that fit the patient's lifestyle and improve their mobility and strength. Exercise is useless if the patient will not do it because they do not feel they have time in their schedule or are physically unable to participate in an exercise program.  We try to incorporate the exercises we give into the patient's daily functional life, rather than suggest they set aside "extra" time every day to exercise.

Many patients who come to us have persistent symptoms and pain despite traditional medical therapy, surgery, and medication.  Frankie helps to remove the structural misalignments that may be at the root of the pain and dysfunction.

The majority of our patients come from physician referrals.  Many medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors and surgeons trust us with their most difficult pain patients.  We are happy to work together with both doctor and patient to restore the patient to a pain-free and productive life.

There may be little or no "scientific" proof for many widely accepted treatments used by millions of people around the world because pain is subjective.  One person may experience a pain as intolerable, while another would report the same pain as tolerable.  Controlled studies are difficult because of the individual experience and the mental and emotional components.  That is why Windsong Therapy and Wellness treats the WHOLE person. We acknowledge the emotions and beliefs that may be connected to the pain and allow the patient a safe place to release their pain and heal.  One patient is not expected to be like another.

On your first visit, you will be expected to provide us with a thorough review of your medical and surgical history.  Frankie will perform a physical evaluation of your body, range of motion, strength, posture, movement and gait.  She will feel for tissue mobility and restrictions within the body. 

Injury, infection and surgery may cause lingering pain, dysfunction, or increased tissue tension in the body.  This may produce symptoms in any muscle, joint, organ or connecting tissue in the body.  The symptoms may begin immediately or many years after the initial event in response to the compensation that the body made to accommodate the change caused by the injury, infection or surgery.

After trauma to the tissues, the body responds by forming adhesions.  Adhesions are tiny strong collagen fibers that lay down "cross-links" in random patterns.  They may be tough and wiry or filmy and thin.  They are the building blocks of healing.  The scars they form may be large enough to be seen by medical testing or microscopic.  Regardless of the size, they exert tremendous tension on the tissues where they form.

Adhesions and scar tissue remain in our bodies long after the original event that precipitated them. They may adhere the injured tissues to nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, or organs, which may cause decreased movement or pain.  The tissues begin to shrink somewhat as adhesions are formed causing more irritation to the area and perpetuating the adhesion formation.

Adhesions and scar tissue may be broken down using specific hands on techniques.  These gentle techniques do not breakdown the primary adhesions that are responsible for healing, but do break down excessive cross-links that form scars and adhesions.  When the adhesions are broken down, there is increased mobility and decreased pain.

Frankie uses her hands to apply gentle pressure and stretches to tight areas in the body's tissues for sustained periods of time until the tension releases, while the patient relaxes to gentle music.  She will gladly explain what she is feeling and what the patient may feel after the treatment.  The patient is encouraged to communicate in whatever ways they feel comfortable.  A release of the tension allows the structures to move more freely and return to more normal alignment.  The patient feels decreased pain and an increase in function.

A physician's referral is not required to obtain treatment at Windsong Therapy and Wellness, however, since Frankie is a licensed occupational therapist, insurance may cover many treatment costs when the patient has a referral from a physician. Physicians refer patients to occupational therapists for a wide variety of diagnoses.  Most physicians will support a patient's wish to explore a safe, non-invasive course of treatment prior to undergoing more invasive procedures.

Windsong Therapy and Wellness does not file for insurance benefits.  However, we provide the patient with all the information they need to file and will cooperate with requests for information from insurance companies and physicians.

The goal of treatment at Windsong Therapy and Wellness is to eliminate or decrease pain, improve motion and function, improve circulation, and restore the patient to a pain-free, mobile, productive, active lifestyle.

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