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One morning in April, I rolled over on my left side and felt a sharp stab of pain in my shoulder. Over the next two weeks, the pain became more intense to the point where I was in agony and my range of motion became more restricted.  I went to chiropractors, an orthopedist, and an acupuncturist.  None made any real improvement in my condition.  The orthopedist wanted to operate on my neck. The acupuncturist got rid of the pain, but could not restore my range of motion.  After several months, I had trouble getting my left arm above my waist and it would not go to the side or back.  You don't realize how much you use something until you lose it!  I had trouble doing the laundry, I could not put away dishes, and I could not pull up pantyhose or put on a skirt or a bra. It was becoming increasingly frustrating.  I saw the Dallas Morning News Article in August on Frankie Burget and myofascial release and gave her a call. I was familiar with the principle behind myofascial release but I had never had experience with the therapy. I figured it was worth a try.

Frankie immediately made a good impression upon me.  She watched me move and instantly could tell me what was wrong mechanically.  The first treatment was not bad and there was considerable improvement.  The second treatment was VERY painful, but it seemed to hurt Frankie even more than it did me.  Afterwards, I again showed improvement and have had steady improvement since.  About two months ago, I woke in the morning with the same pain in my right shoulder.  Frankie immediately began to treat that, too and it has never progressed to the point the left did and I have never lost my range of motion.

After several weeks, I could again do simple chores around the house and put away the dishes. There is still some pain but the range of motion improves each week.  I can get my arm over my head and behind my back though not as far as I could before April.  But, I am still undergoing treatment.  So, I expect that eventually I will have full use of my arms again.

    Jo-Ann Murphy Pauley
    Denton, TX


Frankie Burget is a gifted MFR therapist who has helped me complete a long healing process.  I am a 55-year old woman who suffered  herniation of two cervical discs on my left side three years ago.  Through physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and conscientious practice of the mind/body techniques of the Pilates and Feldenkrais Methods, I gained considerable relief from pain and discomfort, along with good mobility.  Later that year, however, I underwent a left-side mastectomy combined with reconstruction.  Unfortunately, that interacted with my neck injury and I constantly felt like I was dangling in the air from my left thumb.  My whole body was torqued out of alignment and I was constantly uncomfortable.

In August, 1999, I read a Dallas Morning News piece about MFR therapy, and Frankie Burget in particular.  I instinctively knew I was being led to her.  I was in an uneasy state where I had done all I could do to heal physically and mentally and was starting to resign myself to living in a state of discomfort.  After working with Frankie for only four months, I am no longer "torqued" and have most of my mobility back.  Through Frankie's gifted and intuitive hands, MFR will enlighten and touch you, challenge and surprise you.

    Carolyn Cole
    Dallas, TX


This will affect the quality of your life!

Frankie's treatment has made my days more comfortable.  I don't fall down anymore. My ankles don't stay swollen for half the day anyrmore. My circulation is the best it has ever been in my feet and legs.  I rarely have a migraine anymore.  This treatment really works.  It makes me feel good and my aches and pains were diminished with just one treatment.

I would be scared to face my days of getting older without Frankie.

    Marian D'Unger
    Coppell, TX


About four years ago, I started having pain in my left hip, which left me unable to do a lot of things, especially sleep.  I went to the doctor, x-rays were taken, nothing was broken.  My doctor told me I probably had arthritis, so I accepted the diagnosis.  For two years I couldn't sleep without being awakened in severe pain.  I couldn't walk up or down stairs like normal people.  I walked up or down one step at a time.  Needless to say, my activities were curtailed greatly.  It adversely affected my life.

Then, I met Frankie Burget. I told her my plight and she started my treatment.  Amazingly, after my first visit with Frankie, the pain, which had caused me so much grief for years was virtually gone.  After another treatment, my pain was gone and I could walk without pain.  I cried from happiness.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  But even though I have been in pain from fibromyalgia, Frankie has relieved the pain and made my life bearable.  I am able to work full-time with fibromyalgia, which is a great milestone for those who have fibromyalgia.  Frankie is a great therapist for many reasons time and space won't let me enumerate. When she treats you, she listens to you, your words, and how that affects your body.  She is always very care and ALWAYS goes the EXTRA MILE!

    Esther Rodgriguez
    Dallas, TX


I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in May of 1990.  On January 1, 1991, after an exacerbation, the entire right half of my body was left in a condition the doctors call "numb".  To me, that meant a "pins and needles" sensation, lack of circulation, and constant discomfort.  As a result, I kept my right shoe constantly untied and loosened, but it did not help. My hand felt as if I was wearing sandpaper gloves and my organs were not getting circulation.  All the muscles on my right half were very tight.

In late July of 1999, I had breast cancer surgery and a radical axillary dissection (removal of all lymph nodes), again on my right side.

After one visit to Frankie Burget, I again had full range of motion with my right arm, and the throbbing had stopped.  After three visits, my right foot and leg feel normal.  After five visits, my right side has loosened up dramatically, the sandpaper feel in my hand is gone and the feeling is almost normal!

After nine and a half years, I had almost lost hope.  I plan to continue seeing Frankie and have no doubt the feeling in my hand will be completely restored!  I should say that I had tried everything else before I read about Frankie.

You may feel free to call me if you like.

    Marilie Hileman
    Cedar Hill, TX
    (972) 293-0965


After a car accident one and a half years ago, Frankie Burget helped me overcome pain, fatigue and poor posture with myofascial release.  As a fellow occupational therapist, I can truly say that she is an expert in the field and has a phenomenal healing touch.  Thank you, Frankie, for all you have done.

    C.L., OTR
    Fort Worth, TX


Frankie Burget has the gift of healing hands – healing the physical pain, which often heals emotional pain.

I was medically frustrated; chasing the wrong dog.  Neurologists, internists, ENT specialists, endocrinologists, MRI's, cat scans, sonograms, and spinal taps proved nothing.  No one knew what was wrong with me and my friends grew weary asking "how are you?"

After 10 months, my Dad sent me an article, which he received from his massage therapist – "Myofascial Release.  What is that?"  Now, I know what it is.

There it was in the phone book.  Plain as day, as they say. MFR in bold black letters…Windsong, Frankie Burget, OTR, FMT, CNDT.  A lot of letters behind her name!

Frankie Burget is a calm, determined, learned, sensitive person.  You know immediately she can be trusted.  Not only did she know what I had, she could fix me.

No way, I mused—just like that?  Not exactly, but close. Twenty visits later (she assures me we are at the end)  I am a new person.  My head and neck, which were once so constricted and tight have been released through myofascial release.

Your muscles and tissues are being stretched like taffy—gently, slowly, deliberately. Frankie presses on your tissue as if closing a ziplock bag—peeling the layers of an onion away is how she describes it. 

My hairdresser feels my scalp and head — wow.  What was once hard as a coconut is now pliable.  What a relief!  The pressure is now diminishing.

This technique is virtually unknown and unrecognized by the medical field and insurance companies (approx. 50 people in the US are trained to do MFR).  You are on your own dime and most doctors don't acknowledge MFR as an alternative therapy.  There are countless people who live everyday in pain—fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel, scar tissue buildup from operations, etc.—who would all benefit from this technique.

Through writing this letter I am hoping to inform the public there is help.  You do not have to live in pain.  There are options.  Please consider having Frankie Burget on your show, along with some of her patients, as well as other MFR therapists.  We need to be informed.

    Susan Baten


Several years ago I had a day surgery procedure that was minor in one sense and yet major in another.  It was at that point that I decided to pay attention to every signal my body gave me, to be well read when it came to health issues, my body and medical news. I always question, seek and attempt to understand whatever is troubling my body and take responsibility for my own health.  The doctor is not magic nor is he/she a mind reader.  The article in the Dallas Morning News in 1999 on Frankie Burget was filled with helpful information, furthered my education and I filed it under "Helpful Medical Information".

After having damaged both of my rotator cuffs, being uncomfortable and unable to rest the night through and having the traditional therapy for such, I woke up and made an appointment with Frankie.  A small bath towel was too heavy for my arms when drying off after my bath, my neck was too stiff to rotate (my 2d thoracic leans on the 7th cervical), I was uncomfortable in bed, my shoulders were weary, my posture was bad and the weight of my body was about to be too much for me to carry.  Many years ago I had stress fractures in both feet.  Need I say more, I was a mess!  After my first session with Frankie, I was without the weakened feeling in my arms and after several more sessions I was even more comfortable.  I plan to work with Frankie often until I reach the maintenance level and I plan to maintain that level.   The body is one fine machine that Frankie understands. She has made me more comfortable by applying her knowledge and using her skilled hands.  I am in awe of how my body has responded and the quality of my life is much better, even at age 67!

    Mary Ann Randolph


I was seeking a true answer to all my physical conditions.  I have suffered since 1979, when I had my first back surgery.  Between 1979 and 1996 I have had three back surgeries, right hip replaced twice and right knee surgery.  Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The next year my attention was totally on him and his treatments.  My pain became so crucial that I did whatever it took to get relief.  The end result was that my posture worsened.

In 1999, the doctors ordered a morphine pump to be embedded in my front right stomach area.  The medication directly goes into the spinal cord and into the nerves in the low back area to treat the pain and muscle spasms. I started flexing forward and to the right, as well as my right knee drew upward and inward.  One of Frankie's former clients suggested that I come to Frankie and without a doubt, Frankie would be able to help.

I have previously tried acupuncture, pain management, chiropractic, physical therapy, and Pilates. The Pilates was the only thing that was at least developing strength to move about and feel better.

I have had nine treatments where Frankie has been working to release the fascia in my right hip flexors, straightening my spine, aligning my right knee, opening up my chest area and rotating my posture back up straight.  In the beginning the treatments were very painful and I was unable to do anything for at least 36 hours and had to use excessive pain medication.  The treatments are easier to take now.  It is amazing how her gentle hand movements pulling on my skin can create so much pain.  I forced myself to take as much as I could to advance my progress.

I have improved so much it is amazing.  I am using minimal pain medication just prior to treatment and am able to function normally from the time I leave the treatment until the next treatment.  I feel so much space in my right side, hip area, and my chest.  I have moved from the walker to junior crutches, to regular crutches that I have moved up three notches.  My posture is improving to where with assistance; I am almost up totally straight. I am finally putting full weight on my right foot, even though it feels funny.  I also am experiencing regular bowel movements, where before treatments I had to take 4 – 5 laxatives to get results.

    Brenda Null
    June 27, 2002


Hi Frankie,

I met you at the Wellness Expo April 20th in Addison.  I received a MFR session from you, and I want you to know what a huge impact it has had on me.  I have never  physically felt so well (and peaceful).  I can't express in words the change you had on me.

I have checked your web site and read your information.  Do you have a list of prices you charge for your different services, specifically the MFR.  I would like to make an appointment for myself and my husband, Jonathan.

Thank you so very much,  you are truly gifted

    Raine Williams
    Irving, TX



I hope you had a great birthday!  I appreciate your listening ears, your healing hands, and your caring heart.

I thank God that He made you to help others and to touch my life.

"I see best when I close my eyes"

    Dr. Joe and Karen Nava
    Plano, TX


1 1/2 years ago, our then 14 year old son was scheduled to have the first of three surgeries on both arms to relieve recurrent pain in his wrists.  He was unable to participate in baseball, his favorite thing in the whole world, due to the pain.  We had the opinion of three doctors including an orthopedic doctor and an orthopedic arm and wrist specialist.  The specialist assured us that these surgeries were necessary to relieve the problem.

As we shared this story with Frankie, she expressed horror at the thought of a 14 year old boy having this type of surgery and offered to look at his arms.  She immediately noticed some knottiness and tight muscles in his hands and forearms and began to work on him. She explained that due to the tightness, the bones in his hand and wrist were displaced.  After only 3 sessions he was completely pain free and playing baseball like nothing had happened.  He has been playing almost non-stop ever since.  :)

    Richardson Texas Mom



Your patients are so lucky to have you and I am so lucky to know you.  You are such a thoughtful person.

Always your partner,



Here in Euless, TX, I have been so very fortunate to have been referred by John Burns, to Frankie Burget, O.T.  Once again, a professional who is a superior human being.  Frankie has knowledge of many kinds and types of therapy but delivers Myofascial Release with skilled hands.

I will never be able to say all that I feel about Frankie.  She is, also, my friend and has made such a difference in my life and that of my family.  We need so many more therapists like her.

I happen to have been one of those people who would not have survived without having been graced with Myofascial Release Therapy.  I could barely eat, sit, stand or lay.  I can now work.

Thank God for Myofascial Release Therapy.

    Jenny Baudhuin
    Euless, TX


To whom it might concern:

Frankie Burget took my right foot (a piece of "concrete" due to injury in an automobile accident) and with her knowledge, energy and magic hands, returned it to at least 70% - 90% flexibility.

She is a warm and caring human being, willing to bring balance, joy and harmony to one's body and life.  I recommend you get an evaluation and see/feel for yourself.  Good treatment for you and others!

    E. Lee Doyle, Ph.D.
    Dallas, TX
    February 28, 2000


Dear Frankie,

I want to express my appreciation to you and explain the impact your treatments have had on my life.

During the Spring and Fall of 1999 my back and hips became increasingly painful.  I assumed this was from the heavy exercise I had done for years – my choice instead of taking drugs when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1981.  But in September 1999, I rapidly came to be in pain non-stop.  During 2000, 2001 and 2002 my husband and I made the rounds of doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors.  Their reactions ranged from one rheumatologist telling us I had arthritis for which he prescribed five different drugs – I took his prescription scripts to two different pharmacists who said "how much do you weigh?" as they looked at my small frame with a puzzled look on their face.  I took only two of those drugs and have no idea where I was those few days, but do know I was in pain.

A neurosurgeon suggested that perhaps what I needed was a job.  When my husband became angry, the neurosurgeon wrote a letter to my internist recommending psychological counseling.  I fared much better with other sympathetic doctors who predictably sent me to physical therapy, although one did recommend back surgery.

The last doctor prior to coming to you, a physiatrist in an orthopedic practice sent me to a very good physical therapist, which did decrease some of my pain.  I went to that physical therapist 36 times! Afterward I was put in a swimming pool five days a week, 30 minutes a day, walking back and forward with my hands cupped to my side for 60 days for the purpose of strengthening my back. This helped a little also.

Then, it was back to the doctors.  I was deemed a chronic pain patient.  After all, I had had trigger point injections, pelvic belts, orthodics in my shoes, a 3/8 inch shoe insert, Vioxx, Celebrex, Flexeril, just to name a few treatments.  Since the beginning I had lost any resemblance of the life I had before September 1999.  There was no way I could hold a job, play softball, exercise or sit in a theater.

Then I met a very nice lady while sitting in a hot tub at physical therapy.  Her name was Wendy Fielding and she told me I needed to see Frankie Burget.

After my first session with you I was in a good bit of pain.  After my second session, I felt pretty darn good.  Then my pain moved to my calves, ankles and feet.  I returned to you for three more sessions as we chased the pain around my hip, thigh, calf and feet areas.  You explained to me that I had been standing a certain way because of my pain for such a long time that my body was grasping to readjust to a repaired back and hip area.

Five sessions with you and I feel really good.  I shop, go where I please, scrub floors, vacuum and do just about anything I want. I'm back to a scaled down exercise regiment.  I'm a little weak and my back fels a little peculiar sometimes, but I'm working on it.  What a wonderful life!

I cannot convey to you how appreciative I am for what you have done for me.  If you ever need a recommendation for your services, I'm your girl.

Warmest Regards,

    Pam Demianczyk
    Dallas, TX
    March 14, 2003


Dear Frankie,

October 20th last year, I met you at the Wellness Fair.  I knew instantly after we talked you were an expert and could help me.

During this year you have brought my function back 100%.  Thank you so much for your knowledge, skill and passion.

I believe you are one of my Angels here on earth.

Thank you.

    Noreen Carrasco
    Mesquite, TX
    October 2003



Could not wait to tell you.  The gum area that has been so sore- it has always seemed to me like there were 2 main spots that hurt.  But it also hurt all along the gum line where the teeth were pulled. After I left your office yesterday, I touched the back spot (where the gum and the back of the mouth converge) and the soreness was GONE.  Not diminshied, but GONE!!!!  How neat is that? 

The spot up closer to the first remaining tooth is still tender, but not as sore. So have all confidence that can be resolved too.  Believe we are on the right tract.

So thank you to my doctor for your excellent idea about it possibly being the muscles between the eye and gum that might have been pulling on the gum area.  Not sure exactly which one(s) it was, but Frankie can feel those things and unkink them.

Thank you Frankie for the wonderful talent you have developed to help so many! 

A most grateful patient and friend,

    Mary Martini
    Southlake, TX


I have known Ms. Frankie Burget for several years.  We have worked on cases jointly and can testify to her effectiveness with people who have various types of ailments, especially chronic pain and resulting psychological/emotional traumas.  She is an excellent clinician who is very knowledgeable and very empathetic towards her clients.  Her clients speak highly of her.

    James Taylor, Ph.D.
    Bedford, TX


To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the privilege of interacting with Frankie Burget for over the past 15 years.  I have sent her many patients for chronic pain states, especially with myofascial dysfunction and fibromyalgia.  Uniformly, my patients have done well and she has demonstrated competence, professionalism and compassion at the highest level.  I recommend her enthusiastically.

    John H. Harney, M.D.
    Dallas Neurological Associates
    Richardson, TX



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