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Goals / Promise

"Enhancing the balance of body, mind and spirit."

"To treat is to listen." -- Frankie L. Burget

True therapy is not a mission, it is a vision shared between therapist and patient.  This vision encompasses the realms of individuality, function, support, and freedom.

To treat is to understand the individual, to appreciate his or her uniqueness, and to facilitate the ability to grow and change

To treat is to find function in lieu of disabilities, to look at the ordinary as the accomplishment, and to provide the patient with the belief that we are capable of following any path we choose.

To treat is to support the growth and change experienced during the evolution of recovery, to care about the suffering, to embrace the fears, to educate the unknowing, and to applaud the success.

To treat is to appreciate freedom, to help facilitate growth, and to teach the grounded how to fly again.

It is our goal and promise to hold the above ideals as sacred truths for our practice.  We will strive to provide our patients with the most innovative and individualized treatment programs available today.  We believe that the dawning of ones' self begins with functional and individual growth.


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