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Dear Frankie,

Hi, I hope all is going well.  Thanks for all of your help with Bruce!  He has been moving around pretty good.  I still find areas and I'm not sure I'm through with you…but what you showed me and did has really made improvement.  Every time I work on him he looks at me like…hey – just take me to Frankie's!

He sends his love.

North Texas

Dear Aunt Frankie,

Thank you for taking such good care of me. I look forward to coming to your office every week.  Sometimes, it feels funny, but you give me toys and like my doggie kisses, so it's okay.

I would rather come to you than go back to the ophthalmologist and let them take out my other eye.  I wish we had known you when Mom and Dad first got me.  I couldn't see so good then. But Mom thought I was stupid because I kept running into the coffee table and Dad thought I was being bad when I ran into his bad knee.  But I just couldn't see out of that eye and nobody told them that.

Dr. Wuensche, in Denton, finally saw something was wrong and sent me to the ophthalmologist.  But by then the glaucoma was too advanced and they had to take my eye out because I couldn't see out of it and it was infected. I didn't like that at all.  They said I could lose the other eye within six months and gave Mom medicine to put in it everyday.  But I don't like the medicine and Mom isn't very good about putting it in, so she brought me to you.

The eye pressure has remained at a steady 15 and I think I can see better to chase those pesky squirrels (but they still get away!). 

I am really glad we met you and that you take such good care of me.

Coco Pauley
Denton, TX

Someone went to my web page and read about My Little Angel's situation. They immediately emailed me and told me about someone who might be able to help at "Windsong Therapy and Wellness Clinic" that had healed horses when the vets had said there was nothing else they could do. That sounded very interesting. I wanted to know more.

I called and told them about Angel's condition and her special story. I first wanted to know... HOW MUCH?  Well, it looks like God has done it again. Miracles never cease.  She set an appointment and told me not to worry about the money, just to let her see what she could do for her. She worked on her over an hour and never even mentioned money. At this point, I don't know if there will be a charge but I am sure that if there is, God will work that out as well. I am just thankful that she is there and that I met her.

This wonderful lady's name is Frankie Burget, who is a Licensed Therapist in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex for over 20 years.  Her outstanding expertise has made her well-known in the medical community as well as the private sector.

Frankie's unique accumulation of education in many fields of therapy gives her credibility that is unequaled. As a matter of fact, my son counted all the plaques hanging on her walls for all her awards and schooling etc and there were over 50. In fact, there are a lot more that they did not room for that can be found on her web pages.

When I first arrived, I met a lady in her office who had been coming to her for a while now. She had scoliosis and said this wonderful woman had helped her so much. Then she showed me a book on the table with letters from others who had come to her and all were wonderful success stories. One was from a woman who had been treated for endometriosis, an infection of which she had been told had done so much damage she would never be able to have children. Shortly after her treatment  from Frankie, she became pregnant after years of  being unable to conceive.  Let me tell you, I was impressed.

This wonderful lady works on people and animals.  You can tell she listens to the body as she works as well as the patient, something so needed in the medical field. She has a wonderful gift from God. She has the gift of healing hands. The work she did on Angel was unlike anything I had ever seen and Angel responded so wonderfully.  Her jaw is not straight after one treatment but during the treatment, it did move some. I have so much faith that this could really work. The treatment is something called Myofascial Release (MFR).  We go back tomorrow for a second treatment. I don't know how many it will take but if it moved some the first day, I just know it will move more. You should have seen her little face...




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